Helpful Tips on How to Find Your Own Style

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Helpful Tips on How to Find Your Own Style

It's easy to find yourself browsing through your favorite fashion bloggers and wanting to try and wear everything they're wearing. You might have experienced trying to wear different outfit ideas, but failing to feel good in any of them. When you're figuring out how to find your own style, it can easily feel like there's nothing that fits or works well for you. Here are helpful tips on how to find your own style.

Identify Your Body Type

One possible reason why you have yet to discover your own personal style is simply because you haven't identified your own body type. Have you ever noticed that there are women who seem to look good in everything? That's because they know their body type and they wear what works best for their shape.


Before you can figure out how to find your own style, you'll need to know your body type. Understanding your body type will give you a good head-start on finding out what works as your personal style. 

Here are tips on how to dress for different body types

  • Hourglass shape - Your waist is small, and your bust and bum are voluptuous. Think Sophia Vergara and Kim Kardashian. You need to highlight that curvy waistline. Wear fitted skirts and pants. You'll look great in dresses where the accent pulls into your waistline. 
  • Athletic Shape - Your shoulder and hips are almost the same measurements. Think Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. You can wear anything that highlights your toned body, without emphasizing your bust and bum area. 
  • Pear Shape - Your hips are significantly wider than your upper body. Think Scarlett Johannsen and Beyonce. For your body type, you can really make the most of those hips that look great in both fitted jeans and volume skirts. It's all about finding the right balance between your upper body and lower body. 

Once you have a good understanding of your body shape, you'll soon start to notice how different outfit pieces work particularly well, far better than others.

Know Your Real Size

If you feel like nothing fits you well or looks good on you, it's likely that you're not wearing the appropriate size. If you find that even a plus size body looks stunning in skinny jeans and a fitted top, it's because they are wearing the right size. Think Ashley Graham and Melissa McCarthy. 

Finding the right size for you may just be the key to finding out that you too can wear anything and it will look good. The tricky part is that clothes are sized differently according to shops. A Large in Topshop will be different to a Large in Zara. Identify your favorite brands, go try on different clothes and sizes, and figure out what sizes fit you best.

Find the Colors and Patterns that Compliment You Best

Some women rock colorful and bright colors, others are committed to black and neutral tones. The choice is yours. Find out the colors and patterns that work best on you and that you feel happiest wearing. You can base your search for outfit ideas on color palettes that you want to use. 

Try on Different Outfits All the Time

The best way to figure out how to find out your own style is simply to wear different outfits, and see for yourself what looks and feels good to you. You can take inspiration from magazines and social media influencers, but take note that what may look good on them, won't necessarily look or feel good on you.

Finding your personal style refers to:

  • Finding outfit ideas you look good in
  • Finding outfits you feel comfortable in
  • Wearing outfits you feel confident in

A big misconception is that you should be styling according to what's fashionable and trending. But to truly find your own style, it's dressing according to your own preference and comfort. That's why it's important to try different outfits. After trying on 100 outfits, you'll likely have 30 ones that you'll feel happy wearing; this sums up your personal style. 

Filter Through Shops

Just as different outfits work best for different body types, different shops cater to different styles. If you like minimal and neutral outfits, Uniqlo is a great brand for this. If you find that you like skirts and dresses better, you can check out our huge collection at Dream Closet Couture.

Filter through the shops that cater to your style. This will not only make shopping a lot easier, it'll also make it a lot more fun as you discover where your personal style can take you.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to find your own style can go a long way when you understand what style is really about. It's about feeling great in a type of way to dress. Confidence carries an outfit, and you'll never look good in something if you don't first feel good in it.