Here comes every girl's favorite summer outfit—SWIMWEAR! Nothing brings good vibes more than it does. The classic one-piece and two-piece swimsuits have evolved through the years, especially during the last decade. Come 2019, swimwear is not just for the beach, but is now considered as a staple in every girl’s closet. Now, they can be worn underneath a polo shirt, blazer, kimono or any cover up—and VOILA! You’re good to go to a casual meeting or to a night out with friends to hit the latest club in the city. Why is there a demand for swimwear? They are best at flattering a woman’s silhouette; can bump up the chest, accentuate the shoulders, widen the hips and elongate the legs. Promote major self-love by buying DCC’s high-quality yet affordable pieces as a gift to yourself—well, just because.