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Finally, we are well on our way into the year 2021 and it's time to prepare for the Spring season. This means staple OOTD pieces for your spring wardrobe. We have the perfect pieces that you can style with alongside items already found in your collection of clothes.  The Sleeveless Turtleneck The turtle neck found its way back into everyone's wardrobe last year. The sleeveless turtlenecks will soon be your next favorite top that you can wear with everything from your high waist jeans, skirts, and denim shorts. It's a style that you can wear from spring to summer. It's the type...

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It's easy to find yourself browsing through your favorite fashion bloggers and wanting to try and wear everything they're wearing. You might have experienced trying to wear different outfit ideas, but failing to feel good in any of them. When you're figuring out how to find your own style, it can easily feel like there's nothing that fits or works well for you. Here are helpful tips on how to find your own style. Identify Your Body Type One possible reason why you have yet to discover your own personal style is simply because you haven't identified your own body type....

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Let's face it, we've all had that bad experience trying to find a good gift for someone we don't really know much about. Whether it's a relative we're not close to, someone at the office (secret Santa problems), or random people we'd simply love to give gift to, but just don't know exactly what to get for them. These are helpful tips for shopping for someone you don't know.  Take Advantage of Christmas Gift Packs In almost every department store or shop during the holidays, you'll find these pre-packed Christmas gift bundles that combines random products together as a quick gift...

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The older we get, the less significant our Christmas wish list is. But it doesn't take away from us wanting those 'wishes' to come true. So we hope our boyfriend, girlfirend, best friend, parents, or siblings, get all the Christmas gift hints we drop before they go holiday shopping. And if you love a great OOTD, nothing else will make you as happy as a great piece of OOTD-worthy gift that you can style all year long. Build that wish list with these OOTD ideas that should be on your Christmas list.  A Polka Dot Dress Whether you're 8 or...

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  Once you've discovered the true comfort and convenience of the boyfriend jeans; the ones that fits perfectly on your hips, and has just the right wide to length ratio, you won't be able to resist wanting to wear this as often as possible. And the fact that you're able to style this in so many different ways, makes this the type of purchase that keeps on giving. Here are all the great and stylish outfit ideas for boyfriend jeans, for every day of the week.  The Band Merchandise Shirt This may just be the most classic way to style...

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