Leggings OOTD Ideas That You Already Have in Your Wardrobe

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Leggings OOTD Ideas That You Already Have in Your Wardrobe

When you can combine style and comfort in one incredible outfit, you are literally winning in every aspect of the word. This is exactly why we love having fun with discovering different leggings OOTD ideas. You can work around different outfit ideas, while still feeling 100% comfy and warm in your leggings. Here are some really great ways that you can rock that plain, stretchy, and comfortable leggings that you absolutely love wearing, and style this with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. . Because lets face it, if you could, you'd wear this every day.

Leggings OOTD Ideas For Every Season

You can rock anything from your average black leggings, your yoga pants, or even your gym leggings. If you style it right, you can have the cutest OOTD ideas, with minimal effort and maximum comfort. Try these ideas as soon as the season calls for it. 

Sneakers and a Denim Jacket

This might just be the universal combination for legging OOTD ideas, and there's a good reason for it. This is the ultimate go-to for casual and comfortable every day wear, and still look effortlessly stylish. In fact, you can have fun with this. You don't have to stick to white sneakers. Go ahead and try different sneaker combinations. Add some accessories. Change up the color of the shirt. And have fun with how you can mix and match all of your favorite every day comfy pieces, with a denim jacket and leggings combo. You can really go wild with these leggings OOTD ideas. 


Oversized Sweater and Boots

If there's one leggings OOTD idea that is 100% perfect for comfort, it's an oversized sweater paired with your leggings, and your favorite winter boots. The best thing about this outfit is you don't need a particular type of sweater or boots. You can style pretty much every type of boot with a great sweater, and it'll look good. This can work with your gym leggings, or just your regular plain black ones. This too is another versatile combination that you can play around with. Try different types of sweaters and shoes and see what you can come up with. 

A Coat and Scarf


For the harsher winter months, layer up your style with your leggings or two), a coat, and the perfect scarf. This look pumps up your leggings to something that looks a little more sophisticated than what your leggings are used to. It's the type of outfit that can make your leggings look 3 times more expensive than it actually is. And this is always a good thing. Go for a neutral coat and scarf. It can literally be any minimal coat you have in your closet. Rock it with boots or sneakers, and complete the ensemble with a warm, thick, scarf. 


Oversized T-Shirt , High Socks, and Sneakers


It's fair to say that the combination of leggings and sneakers is a definite 'meant-to-be' situation. But if you want to feel like you're wearing the comfiest of pajamas all day, go for the edgy oversized t-shirt and high socks OOTD that's pulled together by your sneakers and leggings. This is that perfect 'not too cold, not too hot' outfit idea, and it's so easy to pull-off. Get any oversized t-shirt, maybe borrow from mom or dad, and style these with your favorite socks and running shoes. And voila! It's as comfortable as wearing pajamas out all day. 



You can rock almost anything with your leggings, and come out looking as effortlessly stylish as the Olsen twins. Something as simple as leggings can go so far, for as long as you know what to do with them. And if there are leggings OOTD ideas that you want to accomplish, but don't have in your wardrobe, jump right over to our shop at Dream Closet Couture We have the biggest feeling you'll want a one to 10 different pieces from our collections.