Packing for Cold Weather: How to Save Space and What to Bring

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Packing for Cold Weather: How to Save Space and What to Bring

Nothing beats styling a great winter weather OOTD. From the layers, the coats, the accessories, and shoes, there's so much you can do with your style. This is why traveling to the coldest countries in the world, tops the list of every fashionista's travel go-to's. But how do you actually pack for cold weather? How do you save space in your suitcase? And what can you wear for your winter outfits? These are all the tips and inspiration you'll need!

Packing Tips to Save Space for Cold Weather

If you're not used to cold weather and aren't particularly sure of how to pack for a trip where you'll experience low temperatures, here are some helpful tips. 

Don't Bring a Coat for Each Day

You'll want to bring only a few jackets to cover a long period of time. Packing one outer layer for each day of your trip is unnecessary and it is a waste of space. And there's nothing worse than carrying extra weight on a trip if you can avoid the heavy bag. For example, if you are going on a 14-day trip, you can bring between 2 to 5 coats on your trip and wear these with different outfits every day.

Pack to Mix and Match

The tricky part about packing for a trip to a colder climate is that you want to bring layers with you to stay warm, you want to have great OOTD's every day, but you don't want to overpack. One of the best ways to save space when packing for layered outfits is to pack clothes that you can mix and match. For a 14-day trip, bring 3 pairs of jeans that will work well with all of your coats, sweaters, and jackets. Bring 3 scarves that also compliment all the colors you have in your suitcase. The aim is that you can mix and match everything in your luggage, from your tops, accessories, coats, and shoes, and they will all look stylish together. This will save you a lot of space, yet give you the freedom to create multiple outfits for your OOTD photo opportunities. 

Bring a Backpack for Additional Layers

Wherever you go in the world, temperatures in the middle of the day differ from temperatures in the evening. It's particularly a big difference in cold weather. You'll want to bring an extra backpack for additional layers (gloves and sweaters), for when the temperatures drop as you make the most of your every day on your trip. This bag should be light-weight, easy to wear, and can coordinate with your style

Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time

The biggest mistake of just putting random clothes and accessories into a suitcase is that you will overpack. You will end up bringing random things that you thought you'd wear, but end up not needing. You want to bring the exact amount of coats, scarves, jeans/bottoms, and sweaters (with an additional thermal top). To make sure you bring the exact number of items you'll need, plan your outfits before packing. Know exactly what you'll wear every day on your trip. It'll not only save you space in your suitcase, but it'll also lessen the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning, and you can plan what to wear for specific occasions. 

Wear the Heaviest and Bulkiest Pieces on the Plane

You can't avoid bringing bulky pieces of clothing for your OOTD outfits in cold weather. The problem is, one bulky coat can take up an entire suitcase. To avoid this and to give you a chance to bring more clothes with you, you need to wear the heaviest and bulkiest pieces of clothes with you on the plane ride to and from your destination. This can be the chunkiest coats, shoes, and sweaters. 

Bring Thermal Clothing

Sometimes, 5 layers of clothes are not enough to keep warm. and it's simply not comfortable wearing that many pieces of clothes in one go. It's always a good idea to bring thermal clothing to help you stay warm, without excessive layering. The fewer layers you'll need, the more space you'll save when you pack. 


What to Bring for OOTD's in Cold Weather

Just to be sure that you have everything you'll need when you go on your trip to a colder part of the world, here's a list of what you should have in your suitcase.  

A Thick Coat

You'll need something that can effectively keep your body heat inside your clothes, and keep the cold air out. A good wool coat, a bomber jacket, or a bubble jacket can do the trick. Check the weather on the days of your trip to see if it will rain or snow so you'll know if you need to bring something that's waterproof or water-resistant. The thicker the coat, the better. 

Warm Shoes and Thick Socks

You'll need to prepare yourself for the extreme temperatures. And this means preparing your toes! It'll be your legs and feet that will feel the coldest when you experience low temperatures. You'll want to bring warm shoes and thick socks to keep your feet comfortable. If there's a chance that you'll experience rain or snow, it's also a good idea to bring waterproof shoes. There's nothing worse than wet feet in cold weather. 

Scarf and Gloves

A coat is simply not enough to keep you warm. You'll need something to cover your neck and your hands. A scarf and gloves go a long way to help you stay warm during those low temperatures. The thicker they are, the better. 

Thermal Top and Leggings

In extremely cold situations, layers of regular clothes are not enough (or comfortable). Wearing an inner layer of thermal clothing can make the biggest difference in keeping you warm, without you feeling weighed down by layers upon layers of clothing. Bring at least one thermal top and leggings to keep you warm throughout your trip. 

Warm Sweaters

Don't waste your time bringing sweaters or shirts that are not made to keep you warm. You'll need thick sweaters on top of your inner layer, to help keep you warm under your coat. The warmer the sweaters, the better it'll be.

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